Courses and Events
Distance Learning Courses in 2015

8th April 2015 for eight weeks
The Happiness Training Programme
with Miriam Akhtar and Chris Johnstone

Our online courses are being revamped at the moment, and we look forward to bringing our 2015 programme here soon. Watch this space or sign up to our newsletter.

See this link for recordings of free webinars from last year.

Residential/Non-Residential Courses 2015
with Chris Johnstone

14th March 2015
Personal Resilience
School of Life in London,
with Chris Johnstone

17th March 2015
Resilience Skills
Bristol, UK
with Chris Johnstone

20th-24th April 2015
Positive Psychology for the Planet
Residential at Schumacher College, Devon
with Chris Johnstone and Sister Jewel

11th-17th July 2015
Active Hope
Residential At Findhorn Foundation, Scotland
with Chris Johnstone and Margo van Greta

Recordings of past free events

Sustainble Happiness
with Chris Johnstone and Miriam Akhtar
recording (slides and audio) viewable here

Webinar in Transformative Social Change
with David Gershon
recording (slides and audio) viewable here

Training for Positive Change
with Chris Johnstone
mp4 recording (52 mins) available here

Transformative Social Change
with David Gershon, from Dec 9th 2012
mp3 audio recording (1hr) available here

Personal Resilience Training
with Chris Johnstone and Sheri Hendricks
mp4 recording (1hr) available here.

Welcome to our website. We offer online courses and resources that strengthen our ability to promote resilience, sustainable happiness and positive change - in our lives, in those we work with and in the world. Our goal is to pass on insights, skills and strategies that make a difference and that help us make a difference.

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Our online courses are being revamped at the moment, as we’re developing on-demand video based versions. Expect to see our first such course released in next few months.
Our courses address three main areas:

Personal wellbeing

Courses for people wanting to increase their resilience, sustainable happiness and ability to make positive changes in their lives and world.
Next Course - The Happiness Training Programme Online starts 8th April 2015 and runs over eight consecutive Wednesdays. Led by Chris Johnstone and Miriam Akhtar, to see details click here.Happiness Course Flyer April15

Practitioner training

Courses for coaches, health professionals, educators and other practitioners involved in promoting resilience, happiness and positive change in others. We’re working on video based on-demand versions of these courses and will have details soon.

Planetary issues

Our courses also look at how we can contribute to resilience, sustainable happiness and positive change at a global level. We offer trainings for people concerned about the condition of our world and wanting to strengthen their ability to make a difference. Our Active Hope video-based course in due out in April 2015. Watch this space for details.

We also had a free webinar on Active Hope Book Groups on Feb 20th 2014. You can listen to the recording

We are a social enterprise, aiming to be both financially self-sustaining and offer something useful to the world. Some of our events are free, while others we charge for. We are still quite new, so this website and our activities are still being developed.