Recordings of past webinars

Training for Positive Change

This webinar explores how we can train ourselves in skills and strengths that help us get better at bringing about positive change in our lives and the world. It draws on insights and practices from Chris Johnstone’s book Find Your Power - a toolkit for resilience and positive change.
You can watch a recording (mp4, 52 mins) at
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Here are links for recordings of some of our past free webinars and tele seminars.

Transformative Social Change with David Gershon - Dec 9th 2012

David Gershon, founder and CEO of Empowerment Institute, is one of the world’s foremost authorities on behavior-change and large-system transformation. His work has addressed a wide diversity of issues, ranging from low carbon lifestyles, livable neighborhoods, and sustainable communities to organizational talent development and cultural transformation.

In this hour-long free tele seminar, David introduces strategies and tools we can use to change behaviour, empower communities and transform large systems. Drawing on his book Social Change 2.0, he describes how we can step up in our ability to make a difference in the world.

You can hear the recording (audio mp3) at
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You can watch a recording (slides and audio) of David’s free webinar from Jan 13th at
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Resilience Training - Dec 13th 2012

This webinar with Sheri Hendricks and Chris Johnstone explores how we can train ourselves in skills and strengths that help us our resilience grow. The webinar also introduces the Personal Resilience Training course that begins on Oct 30th 2013.
You can listen to the recording (video mp4) at
this link.