Free Resilience Resources
Free Webinar on Resilience
with Chris Johnstone and Sheri Hendricks
Monday 3rd March 2014
Recording available at
this link
Pdf of powerpoint used at
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For Chris Johnstone's four-part series in the journal Counselling at Work, see these links:
Part 1 introduces the Self-Help SSRI model of Resilience.
Part 2 looks at resilience in relationships
Part 3 looks at overload anxiety and pre-traumatic growth
Part 4 summarises evidence that resilience training is effective and calls for an ergonomic approach.

For Jessie Sholl's article 5 Best Ways to Build Resiliency, which includes a resilience self-rating questionnaire, see
this link.

For Rob Hopkins' piece in the Guardian looking at community resilience as a response to climate change, see

You-Tube Videos
Chris Johnstone's 2010 talk at the Bristol Happiness Lectures is on You-Tube in four parts (10 mins each) at these links:
Part 1 looks at our story of resilience
Part 2 introduces the Self-Help SSRI model of resilience
Part 3 looks at cultivating Strengths, Resources and Insights
Part 4 looks at Protective Factors for Resilience

For a short interview with Karen Reivich, from the Penn Resilience team, about resilience in parenting
see here.

Personal Resilience in an Hour, a short video-based online course by Chris Johnstone, has just be published. You can get it at a special 40% discount at
Personal Resilience 40% discount
This course introduces seven practical strategies to strengthen your resilience, with step-by-step practices that help you deal with and/or recover from setbacks, adversities and challenges. It includes an hour of video content presented in 18 engaging episodes, with downloadable supporting pdf handouts for each strategy. The course is based on research proven methods and the trainer's three decades of experience teaching resilience skills. Check the link above for more details.