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You can watch the recording of David Gershon's free webinar introducing the course at this link.

You can listen to a recording of David's teleseminar on Transformative Social Change on Dec 9th 2012 at
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The masterclass for 2013 is already underway. The course for 2014 involves a series of six webinars of 2 hours on Sundays starting at 1pm US ET (US PT 10am, UK 6pm, Europe CET 7pm) on the following dates: 26th January, 23rd Feb, 23rd March, 14th April, 4th May and 18th May 2014.

Our learning journey will also be supported by partnered discussions, online resources and a free ebook version of Social Change 2.0.

Participants are eligible for a 20% discount on the printed version of David Gershon's book
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Tuition Fee, standard rate $220 (approx £137 or €170)
Discount of $35 if you belong to or support a partner organisation that is helping us spread the word about this course (see
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There is also a group discount, where for every five people booking together, one person gets a free place. Please email
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Masterclass in Transformative Social Change

with David Gershon

Strategies and Tools for Changing Behavior, Empowering Communities and Transforming Large Systems

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A series of six webinars, on Sundays 26th Jan, 23rd Feb, 23rd March, 13th April, 4th May and 18th May 2014, together with online resources, learning community support and a free ebook version of Social Change 2.0.

To register your interest and book a free place on an introductory webinar with David on 13th Oct 2013, please
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David Gershon’s award-winning book Social Change 2.0—upon which this master class is based — draws on his three decades in the trenches of large-scale societal transformation. He offers an original and comprehensive roadmap to bring about fundamental change in our world. This master class provides you the opportunity to work directly with David as part of a community of change agents in applying this framework and methodology to your social change initiative or area of concern.


Reinventing Our World:
The Challenge and Opportunity of Our Time

So many of the assumptions we have been operating with as a human community have proven faulty that we must now literally re-envision them. And with the accelerating unraveling of our planet’s life support system and the deterioration of so many of our social systems, we are being called upon to create rapid transformative change. But the current social change tools at our disposal of governmental command and control, financial incentives, and citizen protest – Social Change 1.0 – were designed for slow-moving, incremental change.

Not only must we reinvent our world, but also the process by which we achieve this reinvention. According to systems theory, when the current solutions prove inadequate for the magnitude of change required, a system goes into stress and begins to break down. What is required to help the system evolve is a
second order change solution – or solution capable of transforming and reorganizing it to a higher level of performance. Social Change 2.0 represents such a solution for our social systems.

It has a simple and some might say radical premise: That the natural starting point for changing our world for the better is
us. That taking personal responsibility to make the needed changes within ourselves and our communities is the foundation for changing our institutions, not the other way around. That people are willing to make these changes if empowered by a personal vision and the means to bring it to fruition. That these changes can be accelerated and reinforced with the right laws and financial incentives, but the process begins with us.

To bring about this type of change we need leadership schooled in the competencies of transformative social change. With our planet on the line and with such a propitious opening for transformation available as the world strives to reinvent itself, change leaders need to be playing at their best.
Social Change 2.0 provides a blueprint to help them do just that.

In this master class you will learn and apply the five Social Change 2.0 design principles to your project or idea.

  • How to empower people to voluntarily adopt new behaviors beneficial to themselves and society.

  • How to transform a dysfunctional or marginally effective group, organization or social system so it can achieve a higher level of performance and social value.

  • How to invent and implement a transformative social innovation.

  • How to build a more collaborative playing field to maximize the synergy potential of a social innovation and social system.

  • How to leverage and disseminate a social innovation at larger levels of scale.

Class Format

The webinar consists of (6) 2-hour classes that take place at 2 - 4 week intervals. Between classes you read assigned chapters from David’s book Social Change 2.0 and discuss questions based on these chapters with a homework partner. To help you deepen your learning and further your project or idea you invited to participate in an online discussion forum with other participants. Everyone booking on the course will be sent a free ebook version of Social Change 2.0.

In each class David elucidates key ideas from the assigned chapters and then applies these in an in-depth coaching session that supports a course participant in a project they bring. There is plenty of time for questions about both the chapter and the strategies discussed in the coaching session.

About David Gershon (see this link for video)

David Gershon, founder and CEO of Empowerment Institute, is one of the world’s foremost authorities on behavior-change, community empowerment and large-system transformation. He applies this expertise to issues requiring community, organizational, and societal change. His clients include cities, government agencies, large organizations, and social entrepreneurs. He has addressed a wide diversity of issues, ranging from low carbon lifestyles, livable neighborhoods, and sustainable communities to organizational talent development, corporate social engagement and cultural transformation. Over the past thirty years the empowerment programs he has designed have won many awards, and a major research study described them as “unsurpassed in changing behavior.”

David used this empowerment proficiency to organize at the height of the cold war, in partnership with the United Nations Children’s Fund and ABC Television, one of the planet’s first major global consciousness-raising initiatives—the First Earth Run. Building on his background as the Director of the Lake Placid Olympic Torch Relay, he used the mythic power of relaying a torch of peace around the world to engage the participation of twenty-five million people in sixty-two countries, the world’s political leadership and, through the media, an estimated 20 percent of the planet’s population in an act of global unity. Millions of dollars were also raised as part of this event to help UNICEF provide care for the neediest children of the world.

Gershon is the author of eleven books, including the award-winning
Social Change 2.0: A Blueprint for Reinventing Our World, and the best selling Low Carbon Diet: A 30 Day Program to Lose 5,000 Pounds that is being used by over 300 cities in six countries. He co-directs Empowerment Institute’s School for Transformative Social Change which empowers social entrepreneurs and change agents from around the world to design and implement cutting edge social innovations. He has lectured at Harvard, MIT, and Johns Hopkins and served as an advisor to the Clinton White House and the United Nations on behavior change and sustainability.

Tuition: $220/$185

Standard rate $220 (approx £137 or €170)

There is a $35 reduction if you belong to or support a ‘partner organisation’ that is helping promote this course.
When you book, please name the partner organisation you heard about the course from (see list below). We make a donation to the partner organisation for each person who books on the course after hearing about it through them. For more about our partnership scheme, please see
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Fee with Discount = $185 (approx £115 or €143)

To book, please pay via paypal at
this link.
If you don’t have a paypal account, paypal can accept debit or credit cards, and also convert currencies.

We also have a limited number of scholarship places for people wanting to do the course but who find it difficult to afford our fees. To apply, please email course organiser Chris Johnstone at this
contact page.

There is also a group discount, where for every five people booking together, one person gets a free place. Please email Chris Johnstone for details.

We’re grateful to the following partner organisations who’ve played a role in spreading the word about the course:

Be the Change Initiative
Cedar Hill Enrichment Center
Empowerment Institute
Evolutionary Leaders
Evolutionary Times
Genius Works
Global Action Plan Netherlands
The Great Turning Times
The NICE network
Stewards of Creation
The Transition Network

Class Schedule: Sundays 1pm to 3pm US ET (US PT 10am to 1pm, UK 6pm to 8pm, Europe CET 7pm to 9pm) on the following dates: 26th January, 23rd Feb, 23rd March, 13th April, 4th May and 18th May 2014.

Between each session, participants will be invited to engage in a partnered conversation (via Skype or phone) with a homework buddy and answer questions based on the chapters of Social Change 2.0

To Register:
Please email course organiser Chris Johnstone via this contact page.

Participants are eligible for a 20% discount on the printed version of David Gershon's book
Social Change 2.0 at this link. Please enter code SC2-010813 in the coupon code field when you get to the UltraCart shopping cart page.

Praise for Social Change 2.0 and David Gershon

“David Gershon, a daring social architect, is what an engineer is to a bridge builder. In Social Change 2.0, David puts forth with clarity, brilliance, innovation, and passion a blueprint for sustainable societal transformation. It is a practical, inspirational, and ethical guide to initiate, maintain, and/or reignite the soul of any social movement. This book is an outstanding addition to the world.”  – Brian K. Gibbs, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Diversity and Cultural Competence, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Social Change 2.0 is a practical and inspiring roadmap to the future we all know is possible. I know of no one more experienced to create such a roadmap than David Gershon, who has spent the past three decades empowering individuals and communities, as well as business and government leaders. I have looked forward to this book for some time to gain a deeper understanding of how David has initiated so much positive change and created so many innovative strategies to help people achieve their visions for a better world.” – Hazel Henderson, author of "Ethical Markets: Growing the Green Economy and Building a Win-Win World"

Social Change 2.0 exhilarates. David Gershon has not just laid out a compelling and coherent blueprint for social change, but the vividly written stories he shares make us realize that what we thought was impossible can actually be achieved. Having been a political leader in Portland for twenty years, where I worked closely with David, I saw firsthand the power of his work to change the lives of thousands of people. He may well be the number one expert on social change in our country.” – Mike Lindberg, former Commissioner of Public Utilities and city council member, City of Portland, Oregon

“As humanity faces one of the greatest transitions on which it has ever embarked, David’s book brings the wisdom, inspiration, and tools to enable every one of us to become effective agents of change. 
Social Change 2.0 is a great book!” – Sarah Severn, Director of Horizons and Mobilization, Nike, Inc.

“If the word ‘hope’ has become the zeitgeist, then David Gershon’s latest book is one of our bright, shining lights. It gives people a clear bridge between a positive, just, and sustainable vision for our world and the tools by which we may bring it about.”
– Julian Agyeman Ph.D., Professor and Chair, Department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning, Tufts University

“Take a deep dive into the future with David Gershon—but, public health warning, you’re likely to emerge transformed. Social Change 2.0 is for those (including the world’s growing number of social and environmental entrepreneurs) intent on rewriting the current rules on our planet in favor of win-win-win outcomes for all.”
– John Elkington, co-author of "The Power of Unreasonable People: How Social Entrepreneurs Create Markets That Change the World," and Co-Founder, SustainAbility

“David is a brilliant social architect who is able to see key patterns and principles between levels of change—from the individual, to the household, to the neighborhood, to the community, to cities, to states and nations, and to the entire planet. His knowledge about the process of social innovation and diffusion and his discoveries over decades of experimentation and research in large system change efforts merit serious consideration by all of us who seek a more hopeful future for our human community. His work illuminates our common yearning for connection with others, and provides the practical tools needed to achieve it at every level necessary to invent our world anew. I loved the way this book stimulated my thinking and spirit.”
– Juanita Brown, Co-Founder,The World Café

“David Gershon, an unusually talented and effective organizer, has spent most of his adult life teaching people how to take control of their destinies. The world has changed dramatically during those years, and David has been astute and nimble enough to change with it. His attitudes and techniques are different today from when I first met him a quarter-century ago, though his values remain intact. 
Social Change 2.0 is an insightful summary of what David has learned during a career of helping to build a better world. Anyone who wants to effect change—whether to promote a global clean-tech revolution, or to organize a preschool program in their neighborhood—will find valuable truths here.” – Denis Hayes, CEO, Bullitt Foundation, and Co-Founder, Earth Day

“I met David twenty years ago when he was the inspiration behind the Global Action Plan sustainable lifestyle movement. With 
Social Change 2.0 he demonstrates that he has lost none of his brilliance in the intervening years. I predict that this book will become the defining resource for those wishing to create sustainable, low carbon communities, and social change in general. It is a must-read for helping us traverse the challenging times ahead.” – Lawrence C. Bloom, Chairman, World Economic Forum, Global Agenda Council on Urban Management

“Governments have limitations in leading complex social change, and increasingly progressive leaders are recognizing that such challenges can only be effectively addressed through the innovation and passion of grassroots people power. In 
Social Change 2.0, David Gershon offers us a way to draw on this power to make a difference in the saving of our planet. In doing so he argues for nothing less than a reinvention of the way we think, value, and do things. It’s a big ask and it’s not going to happen overnight—but Gershon offers us a compelling blueprint and a doer’s toolbox of social marketing strategies and empowerment tools, which, if used by enough communities, might just get us there. Simply, he helps make our global future something we can act on.” – John Cole PH.D, Professor and Director, Centre for Sustainable Business and Development, the University of Southern Queensland, Australia, and formerly Chief Officer, Office of Clean Energy, Queensland Government

“For those of us in the community-capacity-building sector, David Gershon is not only a dear and trusted resource, but also a living reminder that the work to which we have dedicated our lives can have important tangible outcomes. Building capacity among community members is a complex and intense process that often progresses at a glacial pace. 
Social Change 2.0 enables community organizers to take this work to the level of craft. Reading this book re-energizes our conviction not only that this work is important, but that it really is possible to help communities transition to a new paradigm. Thank you, David, for your life's work!” – Daniel Homsey, Director of Strategic Initiatives and the Neighborhood Empowerment Network, City of San Francisco

“This book offers an inspiring evolutionary blueprint for transforming our social systems, and provides some of the most effective organizing principles, empowerment processes, and movement strategies that are emerging in our time. For our rising generation of Millennial activists, student organizers, and young social entrepreneurs, 
Social Change 2.0 will unquestionably play a significant role in bringing forth the next great wave of social change.” – Joshua Gorman, founder of Generation Waking Up

Social Change 2.0 is the call to a new generation of leadership, a generation that feels instinctively what David teaches explicitly: that the progress of our society requires us to rebuild our communities house by house and neighborhood by neighborhood. And this book shows us how! If enough change agents apply the highly effective strategies and tools in this book, it will be a game changer for our world.” – Rob Garrity, Executive Director, Massachusetts Climate Action Network

“Gershon writes from the front lines of social change with practical information flowing off the pages. Like a social change superhero, he demonstrates on every page the power of living with a no-limitations philosophy, showing us how we, too, can be the architects of a better world. This book will influence every project I take up in my life. I now know there is a pattern language for making social change happen.”
– Craig Hamilton former editor of "EnlightenNext magazine," and founder of

“David Gershon is one of the most accomplished social innovators alive today. This timely book offers the rare gift of proven and transferable solutions that can be applied to a wide range of problems confronting humanity. I have seen and experienced firsthand the effectiveness of this social change model. If you wish to change the world, I cannot recommend this book too highly!”
– Michael Dowd, author of "Thank God for Evolution: How the Marriage of Science and Religion Will Transform Your Life and Our World"

I have no doubt that when earnestly applied, the lessons learned from David's inspiring book, Social Change 2.0, will prove at least as effective in today's complex and interdependent world as Saul Alinsky's social change version 1.0--Rules for Radicals--did half a century ago in much different circumstances. Social Change 2.0, because it carries us beyond today's gridlock and dominance by special interests toward a co-creative new era of operationalized hope could justifiably be re-titled Democracy 2.0.”
– Gordon Dveirin, Ed.D, co-author of Saying Yes to Change