In a nutshell
A facilitated group experience to strengthen our ability to contribute to our world, based us reading the book Active Hope and involving six webinars (90 mins each), partnered exercises and on-line discussion.

Starts Tuesday 9th Sept 2014, over six Tuesdays at 7.30pm UK time, 2.30pm US ET, 1.30pm US CT, 11.30am US PT, 8.30pm Europe CET.
With Chris Johnstone and Barbara Ford
Cost on scale $100 - $200 or
£60 to £120 or €75 - €150

'We live at a time when the living body of our Earth is under attack and when the attacker is not an alien force but our own industrial-growth society. At the same time, an extraordinary recovery process is under way, a vital creative response we call the Great Turning. What helps us face the mess we're in is the knowledge that each of us has something significant to offer, a contribution to make. In rising to the challenge of playing our best role, we discover something precious that both enriches our lives and adds to the healing of the world. An oyster, in response to trauma, grows a pearl. We grow, and offer, our gift of Active Hope.'
Active Hope, p.238.
This webinar training is designed to support participants in finding and offering their best gift of Active Hope.

Comments from past participants

"Just the simple fact of reading, preparing and doing the exercises with real live people -
knowing that these people care as I do and are taking action - and doing this for weeks allowed an energy to build for me that I found transforming and deepening at so many levels."

"Chris Johnstone and Barbara Ford provide a wonderful course online which among many other wonderful things helps you to know that you are not alone in your work to make the world a better place. Through one on one conversations with other students, you get to know others who are doing amazing things across the globe and find that you gain more strength and motivation in yourself. I highly value my experience gained through this course."


This six week distance-learning course is based on the book Active Hope by Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone: it is designed to help you read the book at a deeper level and strengthen your ability to engage in Active Hope as a practice for the healing of our world. Over the course you will:

• join a group of others in reading the book
• participate in weekly webinars to draw out key points and deepen your understanding
• engage in group and partnered exercises to move us round the spiral of the Work That Reconnects
• support each other in finding and offering our gift of Active Hope, which is our best response to the crisis unfolding in our world.

We have courses running several times each year, so please check this page for future dates if you can’t make either of the courses coming up soon. The next course starts on Sept 9th, co-facilitated by Chris Johnstone and Barbara Ford.

The course starting on 9th Sept 2014

With Active Hope’s co-author Chris Johnstone and Barbara Ford, this takes place over six Tuesdays, with sessions of 90 minutes starting at 7.30pm UK time, 2.30pm US ET, 1.30pm US CT, 11.30am US PT and 8.30pm Europe CET.
- costs $200 (approx £120 or €150) full fee or $100 (approx £60 or €75) concession rate if on low income
We may also have a limited number of scholarship places for people keen to do the course but who have trouble affording our concession rate. Please contact us (using this
contact form) for details. If you would like to contribute to our scholarship fund, please see this link.
You can pay via paypal (which also takes credit/debit cards and does currency conversion if needed) at
this link. We can also take cheques (in the UK) or direct bank transfers. Please email Chris using this contact form to arrange this.
To book or find out more, please email Chris using this
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